Monday, 24 December 2012

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Truth about of Indian Oil Companies & their Lies

Truth of Indian oil companies: After too much of hue n cry by oil companies about their continued losses I decided to check out their balance sheets & P&L statements n here's what I found; In last 10 years IOC's Average yearly profit was 6089 Crores with minimum being 2885 Cr & maximum 10,220 Cr. Now I wonder what these companies mean when they say "we're covering previous losses"???

The current losses are a pure manipulation of figures so that they can justify petrol hikes. A company can easily show its profits as losses by increasing their expenditure figures, inventory holding, debtors, etc... Since April 2011 IOC has increased its inventory by 5500 Cr, receivable money by 3100 Cr which together can convert the so called 7485 Cr loss into profits. All this manipulation of figures combined with govt grant tricks only help these companies to increase the prices & thus their profits. Only one expense remains to be calculated....Amount paid to UPA for letting them hike the prices...

As per my calculations & past records IOC will for sure be in good profits by the end of this financial year, as usual (see pic)!
If u also want to verify the facts please search for financial statements or visit the url below..
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Sunday, 9 December 2012

The literal relationship of Marketing, Networking & Money - FB vs Linkedin

Facebook ads costs sky rocketing or is it Linkedin?

Just finished up ordering another Facebook ad for our site Virtuexbank and realized how much facebook is really earning. With the timeline we set up my minimum cost of one click at 17 Rs ($ 0.3) to a maximum of 66 Rs ($ 1.9). Mixing this with the recently launched promote post feature  Facebook is sure to get huge revenues.

But then we went to Linked in for similar ad & we realized its not FB which is really charging high, its Linkedin instead with a minimum cost per click at $2 (whatever your criteria is). This seemed totally insane to me, it might be okay for a big firm but for a small startup with private funding is really not affordable.

And suddenly, we realized we still have to do this, whatever the cost may be, its business and business is not done without money. If we have to communicate with top global leaders Linkedin is THE network to use, no Facebook or Google could provide what Linkedin is providing us in a very precise manner. People didn't really take Linkedin seriously enough, neither did we, its a new experience for us & probably a good sign too (realizing right thing at the right time).

All of this really made me realize, the literal relationship of Marketing, Networking & Money together at once!