Thursday, 28 February 2013

Comparison and referral links of free & secure cloud storage drives

Recently I installed alot of cloud drives & did a comparison of their security, space provided, ease of use, etc.

Security of my data was my first priority so I listed cloud drives in descending order. Apart from security; ease of use was a major factor in selecting file storage sites & rest of the weightage was given to free space provided. (you can use the referral links to get additional GBs while signing up)

Referral link for:
1. SpiderOak: (Superb like it alot!)

2. IDrive: (referral link with new structure of the site)

3. Dropbox:

4. Ubuntu One:

5. SugarSync:

6. Wuala: (this is good in security but low on rank as the referral storage space lasts one year)

7. Bitcasa:

8. HiDrive: (Not very good ease of use)

Google Drive, Microsoft Skydrive, Amazon cloud drive, Apple iCloud, referral links are not provided as they dont have a referral scheme, however, security wise they all rank above dropbox.

Below is a chart of major features of most cloud storage sites:

Cloud ServiceMax File Size Upload [1]Initial Free StorageExtra Free Storage Per FriendMax Storage Ceiling (including max extra bonuses)Supports VersioningOS Phone Apps# of devices supported
Cloud ServiceMax File Size Upload [1]Initial Free StorageExtra Free Storage Per FriendMax Storage Ceiling (including max extra bonuses)Supports VersioningOSPhone Apps# of devices supported
Idrive500MB5GB1GB / referral. 10GB for sharing with your contacts list50GBYesWin, MaciOS, Android1
Sugarsync2GB5GB500MB. A range of tasks will net you extra storage as well.32GBYesWin, MaciOS, Android1
Glideno limits30GBno referral program30GBYesWin, Mac, LinuxiOS, Android6
Dropbox2GB2GB500MB16GBYesWin, Mac, LinuxiOS, Androidunlimited
CX (Cloud Experience)no limits10GB300MB16GBYesWin, MaciOS, Android, Kindle Fireunlimited
Memopal5GB3GB500MB13GB [2]YesWin, Mac, LinuxiOS, Android, Blackberry10
Safecopy [3]5GB3GB500MB13GBYesWin, MaciOS, Androidunlimited
Mimedia3GB7GB1GB for each 5 (200MB / friend)12GBNoWiniOS99
Teamdriveno limits2GB250MB10GBYesWin, Mac, LinuxiOS, Androidunlimited
HiDrive2GB5GB5GB for each 10 friends (500MB / friend)10GBNo (not on free plan at least)Win, MaciOS, Android, WP71
Comodo Cloud Storage2GB5 GB200MB10GBYesWiniOS, Android1
Spideroakno limits2GB1GB10GBYesWin, Mac, LinuxiOS, Androidunlimited
MegaCloudno limits5GB500MB10GBYesWin, MaciOS, Android1
Wuala14GB5GB250MB8GBYesWin, Mac, LinuxiOS, Android1 [6]
Skydrive2GB7GBno referral program7GB [4]YesWin, MaciOS, WP7 (3rd party Android Apps)unlimited
Amazon Cloud Drive2GB5GBno referral program5GB [5]We think not [6]Win, MaciOS, Android8
Google Drive2GB5GB + 1GB Picasa storageno referral program5GBYesWin, MaciOS, Androidunlimited
Synplicityno limits2GB1GB5GBYesWin, MaciOS, Android, Kindle Fire2
[1] This will also depend on your browser or OS file size limits
[2] We couldn’t find documentation for this, but found it in practice
[3] Safecopy seems to be a mere rebranded copy of Memopal, with a few minor differences between the two,
[4] Legacy accounts have 25 gigs free, and if you have a Hotmail or MSN account you may be able to get 25 gigs as well (see the recommendations section below)
[5] It may be possible to get more if you’re buying music off of Amazon (see here)
[6] Not 100% sure about this.